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Studies that analyzed active substance of honey and the variety potential of its use have been carried out in various countries.

Various advanced research at the clinical level and the use of honeybee products in the field of medicine continues to be developed.  Scientist agreed that honeybee products are the perfect supplements and it contains variety of active substances that can cure various diseases and also to maintain health. Verification of this statement through various studies and trials are needed and the results should be disseminated worldwide. 

To that end, the international conference on the use of honeybee products in health care becomes a necessity and Airlngga University have the opportunity to host the 4rd International Conference on the Medicinal Use of Honeybee Product

Conference Aims

Bring together all researchers in the field of honey and other bee products from various ethnic groups in effort to increase the use of honey and other bee products in the healthcare field. In particular, this activity aims to:

  1. Presenting the latest findings related to the potential utilization of various active substances contained in honey and other bee products.
  2. Provides the opportunity for each participant in the exchange of information about the development of science and technology that can be applied in the production of high quality honey and other bee products. 
  3. Improve the relationship and discussions between universities and research institutes who involved in the use of honey and other bee products in the healthcare field.
  4. Exhibiting products from various industries and from every parts of the world that contained with honey and other bee products.

Themes & Topics

tema-1The themes for 4th International Conference on The Medicinal Use Of Honey Bee Products 2015 (ICMUH 2015) is "Honey: From Traditional To Modern Medicine" . sub theme Past,Present, Future: Bee for Medicine.

The conference will cover on these topics :

  1. General Health Practices
  2. Diabetes Mellitus & Diabetic Foot Disorders
  3. Cancer, Strokes and other malignant diseases 
  4. Reproductive health care
  5. Injuries and wound 
  6. Infectious Diseases
  7. Bee venom apipuncture therapies
  8. Bee medicine for HIV/AIDS
  9. TBC (Multidrug resistance)
  10. Other Research on honeybee products

Target Audiences / Attendees

Target audiences are people with background such as :

  1. Government and non-Government agencies
  2. Honey and Beekeeping Researchers 
  3. Medical specialists and General Practitioners
  4. Apiterapist Practitioners and Traditional Healers
  5. Nutritionist and Food Technology Experts
  6. Midwives, Nurses, and other health care workers
  7. Public
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